January 17, 2017 Life 0 Comments

Hello everyone and welcome to a new website! As you can probably tell, I took my own advice in the title of this blog. I’m looking forward to this journey in my career more than anything that I’ve come across so far. Here’s a bit of a thought dump, explanation, and goal planning for your reading pleasure.

Why the name change, you ask? About 4 months ago, I found myself in a rut (both professionally and personally) that felt like stagnant unhappiness. I still loved my “day job” and what I get to do for a living, but there was a spark that had faded. I knew it wasn’t something that was fizzling out; it was just something that needed a little more fuel to the flame. I was craving something new and something that I could throw every ounce of passion into. I felt like I had grown to my highest potential in the position I was in. For those of you who are new around here, I was freelancing under my name, and had been off and on for the past 5 years. The thing with using primarily your first and/or last name as the name you do business under has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. While there are plenty of great reasons to use it, doing so places you in a “freelancer” box and puts borders on some opportunities and ways to expand. I plan on writing a blog post later down the line going into much more detail about this topic, but for now, let’s just say that too many boundaries prevented me from professional growth.

Instead of staying in that comfort zone, I decided to take on a whole new chapter of risks and challenges, amongst the stress and chaos that comes along with re-invention. From choosing a new business name, to making it official, to creating and branding something I’m extremely proud of, to transitioning all existing clients and general knowledge of how I represent myself…let’s just say it’s been overwhelming. (Another blog post I will write in the future). However, the excitement and the feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me this was exactly what I needed to do kept me thriving.

Where did this name come from? While in the brainstorming process, I wanted something with 3 main qualities: strong, unique, and memorable.
Strong: besides the word “valor” in itself being synonymous to words like courage, fearlessness, brave, I wanted to create a strong and modern logo to represent my company. By using bold, sans-serif fonts with a bit of script to contrast with a softer touch creates a strength across all platforms.
Unique: the dark purple and maroon color scheme is something rarely seen in any brand because it is often not a color harmony that is associated as enough contrast that works. However, I wanted to break that by using it just right so that it stands out. Which brings me to the next point…
Memorable: my brand will stand out if the color scheme is remembered to my audience as something they aren’t used to seeing. By having a catchy name to go along with that, I have high hopes in the success and diversity of my representation.

What’s different? This brand will and always will be a representation of my highest and most professional self and talents. Only now, I will be able to use the credentials in ways that are a “step up” from before. I will still be the main woman in charge, pioneering through my dreams of designing and more – while offering my clients a positive and engaging collaborative experience that will carry into a long-term relationship. If you’re drinking a beverage while reading this blog, please raise your glass at this time and toast to a new beginning with me.

If this is your first time visiting my website, or if you’ve been with me since the start, I thank you for your support, patience, encouragement, and general interest in what I do in life. If you’re interested in supporting my business in more than just being here, the ways that are most helpful are to:
– Subscribe to my newsletter. This will help grow my audience (in both numbers and authenticity). I want to make it a goal to put out at least one newsletter a month. Included in this newsletter that will be sent to your email will be things like a special coupon offer, a free graphic related gift or giveaway, interesting content, a more in depth look into my life (spoiler alert: I’m about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of my life to date in just 10 days – don’t you want to be a part of that?!), and much more! Showing your interest will hold me accountable in this goal and it will be a great way to join my journey in a more genuine format.
– Write a review on my Facebook page. Ratings and reviews can make or break a first impression. Since I don’t have a physical business address that can be reviewed via Google or Yelp, Facebook is the largest audience I can reach for testimonials. If we’ve worked together or if you’re just an admirer of my work, I would love to hear your feedback!
– Share this website. This domain is my home and presence on the web, while also serving as a child figure because of the creation and pride I feel when it is displayed as my own.

In closing, thank you again. Please take a thorough look around, enjoy your stay, and please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.